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Josh in Falls
Studio 4496 is a photography studio devoted to the form, physique and figure of man.  There is male frontal nudity in this site.  Some of the images are demur, others erotic ... all are intended to intrigue. 

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We think that the human body is in itself a work of art.  If you disagree or if you are under 18 years of age or in a legal jurisdiction where viewing such material is not allowed, you may not continue further. We can't be responsible if you choose to receive this material.  Continuing further means that you understand and accept responsibility for your own actions, thus releasing the creators of this Web page and our service provider from all liability.

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adajja porn star We strongly support parental controls on the internet. These Web pages are not intended to be viewed by minors.

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 All models are at least 18 years old  and proof is on file. Full releases for all images are on file in the offices of Studio 4496, P. O. Box 4496, Key West, FL 33041.  This site complies with United States Code Title 18, Section 2257.

If you are 18 or older and do not find depictions of the nude male body or overt sexual images to be obscene or objectionable, your click on the "ENTER" link below will represent your irrevocable legal testament, agreement, signature and covenant.

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